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Streetkick is a mobile, inflatable mini football pitch that is able to pack into a relatively small trailer and move from one location to another.

Since its launch in autumn, 1998, Streetkick has proved popular both locally and internationally and has, in many ways developed into one of FURD’s most high-profile and successful areas of work. The once wooden-panelled game (created by Kevin Titterton, FURD volunteer) was replaced by a larger and modernised version in 2003 thanks to Sport Relief funding. The mobile, easily-transported, inflatable mini football pitch has travelled widely, having been commissioned to provide activities for fans at several major sporting events and tournaments around Europe. Closer to home, it is often to be seen at community events and summer festivals such as Sharrow Festival and many others.

Streetkick can be used to spread anti-racist messages in various ways including by attaching banners to the pitch sides, handing out information at events and talking to people. Music also sometimes accompanies Streetkick events to help create a feel-good atmosphere.

Many things about Streetkick have changed dramatically throughout the game’s existence.  However, the one thing that hasn’t changed, the ‘immovable goalpost’ so to speak, is the underlying aim behind its creation, namely anti-racism, or more specifically:

Combating Disadvantage

Targeting areas with relatively high numbers of Black & Ethnic Minority (BEM) young people – where these young people may not get many opportunities to take part in organised football.

Anti-racist work & education

Targeting areas with known racial problems and/or areas with low numbers of BEM young people in order to raise racial awareness.

Community Cohesion

Bringing young people from different racial, cultural and religious backgrounds together in positive ways in order to ‘break down barriers’. 

Streetkick made its international debut at Euro 2004 in Portugal, and then travelled to Germany for the 2006 World Cup. Streetkick also made appearances and proved a big hit with fans of all European nations at the European Championships in Austria/Switzerland, 2008 and Poland/Ukraine 2012. 

“The use of Streetkick has helped to spread the anti-racist message and has been used to encourage people from different countries to engage and mix in positive ways and break down some barriers. It has been massively important for us both on a local and international scale” - Simon Hyacinth (CEO at FURD)

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