Oral history project on Jewish Sheffield

17 May 2017 / News

FURD's admin worker, Sonia Howard, has taken part in an oral history project about Sheffield's Jewish community.

The Witness Project is run by the University of Sheffield's History department to collect and preserve Sheffield's past. Interviews are carried out by second year history students. This year's theme was about growing up Jewish in Sheffield during and after the Second World War.

The interviews with Sonia and other participants are online at the link below, along with written summaries.

An article about the project published in the Yorkshire Post can be seen below.

Sonia said,

"I can only speak for my own experience but I had a very hard time at school with anti-semitism. Unfortunately, due to prejudice and bigotry, it will always be there. I'm lucky to work with several Muslim colleagues and I have learnt a lot from them, more about what we have in common that what is different. I want to teach people and break down barriers. It makes for a better world."