Discussion. Love Football, Hate Racism and Fascism

08 Nov 2017 / News

Tonight - 8th November, 2017 - at 7pm, we're hosting a public discussion at the U-Mix Centre on the theme of 'Love football, hate racism and fascism: building on past successes and meeting new challenges'.

The discussion has been called by Sheffield Unite Against Fascism in partnership with Football Unites Racism Divides.

Since the 1970s football, in Britain, has become more multicultural both on the field and on the terraces.

There has been excellent campaigning by groups like Football Unites, Racism Divides to celebrate diversity and drive racism out of the sport.

Anti-racist activity across the country has also successfully responded to attempts by the far right to organise amongst football fans.

But there is no room for complacency. In a time of increasing racism, fresh challenges, like the so-called Lads Alliance, will constantly appear.

The discussion is an opportunity to reflect on past successes and develop new strategies for our times.

Follow the link below to the Facebook Event page.