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Collection of conference papers:'Green Line Seminar: Young point of view for European football': Finland, 20-26/9/97'Partnerships to keep racism out of football': Reading, 4/11/97'Tackling Racism in Football Across Europe': Manchester, 30/1/98'Combating racism through education, football & sport', Brussels, 11/2/98'Cities against racism' European conference, Greenwich, 18-20/6/98'Football 2000: Challenges in the new millennium', University of Leicester, 9-11/9/98'Sport, Drugs & Community Development', London, May 1998'Networking Against Racism in European Football' seminar, Vienna, 6-8/12/98'Networking Against Racism in European Football' seminar, Vienna, 31/1-2/2/99'The Equality Goal': Business and Sports conference, Glasgow, 26/1/99'Grounds for Optimism': Federation of Stadium Communities, London, 2/11/99'Black People Into Football & Beyond in the 21st Century': Martin Shaw King Trust, London, 6/12/99. 'BRAIN Conference Report' (Black Racial Attacks Independent Network) date unknown, c2002-4.'Discrimination against women in sport', Preston, 8/3/17.

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